About us

Training has been an integral part of Waterford Stables since it's inception.  We train with a combination of Natural Horsemanship and what we call "Practical Horsemanship". We also train for the show ring without use of harsh training tools. This is not a quick fix training method.  If you want your horse trained from zero to a hundred in 30 days, we are probably not the barn for you. But if you want your horse to learn in a caring, concerning, understanding way, we are here for you!


Training servies

  • Initial foal handling
  • Yearling in-hand trail
  • Yearling longe line
  • Breaking
  • Tune-ups
  • Show Prep
  • Sale Prep



  • Yearling in-hand classes
  • Western
  • English
  • Dressage
  • Trail (Show)
  • Trail Riding