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About Us


Dedicated Educator

Kate Waterford is the owner and trainer at Waterford Stables. She grew up with horses and has 25 years of teaching experience.

With many horse show awards under her belt for herself and her students, she is willing to teach from casual riding through World Show prep.

Horses are also advertised to be sold through her.



  • Individual lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Children Camps (during Hillsborough County school breaks)
  • Horse Boarding
  • Show lessons and accompaniment
  • Horses for sale/advertising
  • COMING SOON: Aussie Doodle puppies for sale



We have begun to reopen the barn after being closed for about 6 weeks due to COVID19.  That being said, currently we are trying to get all of our students served who were with us before the shutdown.  We are currently not able to accept new students.

Lessons for experienced students are hands off, with verbal guidance only.

Beginners are taught 2 at a time.  They are met at the arena with their horse already prepared for them.  The parents will then assist with mounting.  They are also required to stay so that they can handle the water bottle for the student.  And they will be asked to assist in dismounting if necessary.  We will then take the horse to the barn for untacking and rinsing.  The student can leave once they have dismounted.  These lessons are 45 mins in duration, but are all riding for 45 mins.

Currently, we are not planning full day camps for the summer.  Perhaps we will have half day camps but they will not start until mid-July.  The barn will be closed for lessons once the Waterford's first grandchild is born (due 6/28) for a couple weeks. We will make announcements as the time gets closer. But for now, we will not be having summer camp as in years past.

2020 Pricing

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