AKC Australian Shepherd

Dealer came to us in early 2019.  He was owned by a good friend and looking for a new farm.  He is active, but also loves nothing more than to snuggle and love.  I always say "he's a lover not a fighter".  When all the other dogs are wrestling, he would much rather sit in your lap and snuggle.  

We are expecting to breed him to both Rena and Lucy in spring 2020 for litters later spring/early summer.  Look for his first litters with us soon!



AKC Wonderlands Alice

Lucy is a Parti-colored Standard Poodle.  She is on the smaller side of Standards, at only 45 pounds. She is a very sweet and loyal dog.  She loves to just follow her people around.  At only 3 years old (in March 2020), she is a young vibrant dog!  She loves to run and play as well.

In December, 2019, she had her first litter for us.  It was a litter of Bernedoodles and they were quickly snapped up!  She is a super mom and gave it her all.  These pups are all big and healthy and beautiful coats!

Lucy is fully genetically tested and free of all genetic abnormalities.

She will be bred to Dealer for late Spring/early Summer Aussiedoodles.



AKC Jolettes Dugan Rena's London Jewel

Rena came to us on Easter Day, 2019.  She was an energetic young dog who has wriggled her way into our hearts!  She is a gorgeous solid black, SUPER smart poodle, who fancies herself part working Aussie, part pampered poodle!  She loves to run with the Aussies, but also loves to sit for hours and get groomed.

She has beautiful, correct structure and we are so excited for her first pups!  She will be bred to Dealer in the spring.

Rena has been DNA tested and is completely free of any genetic abnormalities.



AKC Wonderland Magpie

Maggie is Lucy's January 2019 pup!  She is all pup still at only one year old.  She loves to play and run and bounce.  She is a lot taller and thicker than Lucy.  She will be making beautiful pups with Dealer when she gets a little older and ready.



Are you interested in a puppy?  Want to get first in line for your puppy?  Send us a message with your interest.  We will forward a puppy contract.  A small deposit is required to get yourself on the list.  We will honor "first come first served": the first person to get their deposit in, will be first in line to pick your puppy once they are born.


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