Waterford Stables
1139 Pelote Cemetery Road
Lithia, FL  33547
(813) 220-6056
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We have trained many horses and have loads of satisfied customers for you to speak to.  We offer everything from starting to tune-ups to finishing touches.  You can be as much or as little a part of the training as you wish.  You are more than welcome to be here while training is being done.  We are not ones who train in "secret".  We train with a gentle but firm hand.  We take bits and pieces from many different trainers, from natural horsemanship to practical show ring experience.  Your horse will be worked 4 - 5 times a week.  We will start out on the ground making sure all the ground work is done.  Then we progress to the saddle.  We sometimes even take them trail riding when they are ready.

Included is full board with a stall (read the "Boarding" section for the amenities) and unlimited lessons either on your horse or a school horse until your horse is ready for you to ride it. 

"How long will this take" you ask?  It depends.  We have had horses come in for a one month refresher.  These horses were already fully trained and just needed a "tune-up".  Then we've had youngsters come in who we've worked with for a month or two on all the ground work, sent them home for six months, then they have come back for their saddle training.  Please do not expect to find a fully trained horse from not knowing anything to fully trained in a month.  We set realistic goals with you when you contact us about training.  Training takes time.  Rushed horses end up with gaps in their training.  We like to see horses stay with lessons once they go home as well.  You can either trailer here, or we can come to you.  (It is hard to find lesson times to travel, however, so this schedule can be a little less consistent).

"How much does it cost" you ask?  Training board is $700 per month.  As stated earlier, this includes your horse being worked 4 - 5 times a week, one lesson per week, and all the full board amenities.

Contact us for more information and availability.

Some horses we have trained: