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We offer two different types of leases: partial leases and show leases (just for that particular show).  Each lease will be explained below.

   Partial lease: $450 which includes: 4 lessons a month and 2 hours free ride time each week. (This is a savings of $210 a month which it would cost if you just bought each hour individually). 

**NOTE: it is recommended that if a student becomes seriously interested in showing horses that they at least obtain a partial lease OR take 3 lessons per week.**

   Show leasing:

  • Use of horse for the day, $75.  Please understand that you may be sharing a horse with someone who shows in a different division than you.  You will each pay $50.  If you show two horses, you will still only pay $75.  This also includes use of my tack.
  • Transportation: the transportation fee is pro rated depending on the number of horses in the trailer.  1 horse in the trailer - $2 per mile; 2 horses - $1; 3 horses - $0.65; 4 horses - $0.50; 5 horses - $0.40; 6 horses - $0.35.  Fee is based on mileage round trip.  (Sorry - this has gone up due to the cost of diesel these days.  Yikes!)   **Minimum of $50 per trip charged.
  • Coaching fees: if you come with me from my stable, this is required.  It is $75 a day. This includes me helping tack the horse up and get it ready for classes, making sure you are signed up for the correct classes, making sure you get in the gate at the right time, helping you understand the patterns, as well as being there in case of an emergency.  This is something that is required of my insurance company.  This is a per person fee, not per horse and not split.  This is also a per day fee so please factor that into your budget if the show is a two day show.  Also, if the show is out of town, you will be responsible for my hotel and meals.  And no, we do not coach people who are not our students.  This is too difficult as we do not know how you ride with your instructor.
  • Grooming fees: General grooming is $50.  If you want to come out the day before the show and get your horse prepped, you are more than welcome and you will not be charged the grooming fees.  The preparations will include bathing, clipping and sheeting/hooding.  There are other fees associated with showing that you may be subject to. 

Please see Kate for more details and a list of all associated show fees.

PLEASE NOTE: These leases are intended for current Waterford Stables students only. We do not lease horses to non-students.

Horses available for partial lease:

Princess: 13-year-old APHA mare.  Princess has extensive Western Pleasure and showmanship training.  She can also be ridden English.  She has tons of show miles under her belt but she also makes a great trail horse.

Kisses: she may be 20, but she is one of the corner stones of our lesson program! Kisses can be ridden Western and English.  She was used for years as a hunter/jumper, and has recently returned to jumping with the help of joint supplements.  She is half Arabian, but is one of calmest horses you've ever met!  She is ridden and shown by our youngest, tiniest students, and always comes out with ribbons!  She is definitely a barn favorite!

Louie - APHA/PtHA Do To It Kid is an 8-year-old Paint horse.  He was our son's Superior Halter horse, but has most recently been doing lessons.  He is a great horse even for the younger ones, provided they aren't intimidated by his size!!  He can be ridden Western and English and he loves to jump!

Horses under current partial leases:
Disney - Shannon
Harley - Adrienne
Louie - Trinity